Signature Facials

Esthetique Arts Signature Facials

Our Signature Facials will improve the colour, tone and  texture of your complexion with cleansing, exfoliation and re-balancing...

Teen Facial:

Consultation Deep cleansing-detoxifying enzyme steam Extractions of clogs and breakouts Clearing treatment masque

$75 / 30 - 40 mins.

Deep Cleansing/ Purifying Enzyme Facial:

Excellent treatment for any skin especially prone to oiliness,  and breakouts.
Frees blocked pores, re-balances. Refines pores.

Hand-arm massage. $115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Dry Skin/ Hydrating Facial:

Restores and maintains skin's hydration/ moisture level, fine  lines and
uncomfortable tightness due to dryness and  damage are diminished

Hand-arm-shoulder massage. $115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Sensitive Skin Facial:

A winning treatment to reduce irritated skin. Special  soothing formulations
from plant and marine extracts will  calm and soften tired, irritated skin.  
Great for delicate and  sunburned skin. Facial massage added.

$115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Express on-the-Go Facial:

Great as a skin-refresher for quick pick me up or in between regular treatments.

$69/ 40 min.