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Esthetique Arts is proud to be one of the first in Newport Beach to introduce the newest in this cutting edge technology. Esthetique Arts is the only one in Newport Beach offering this treatment. Being one of the first  skin technicians to use this technology back 20 years ago, the research has progressed more in depth since then, but the benefits still exceed any other skin care product on the market today. The topical introduction of skin stem cells to existing skin allows for the communication of biologically flawless information. A serum rich in organic vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes and natural antioxidants.  It consists of 100% natural and preservative free formulations, which starts the rejuvenation process. CryoStem skin cells repair free-radical damage, create a moisture-rich environment, promote collagen repair, and the production of elastin. Skin looks younger, because technically it “is” younger.

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One of the true ways in which to permanently change the actual texture of the skin is through exfoliation. The exfoliation process will assist in transforming all types of skin whether the issue is acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging tired, or pigmentation issues.  No matter what the skin issue, if you keep the skin constantly exfoliated on a regular basis, the skin is not given the chance to build up any of the above skin issues.
No expensive cream or serum applied to the skin will work effectively unless an exfoliation process happens. Applying a $300.00 cream over top of skin that is unprepared will do absolutely "nothing", because the cream can't penetrate  dead layers of skin.
As Medical Aestheticians and Medical Technicians for over 30 years and working with well-known and celebrity Doctors, we know firsthand how this process works as has a proven track record.

Our various exfoliation treatments over many types of exfoliation for various types of skin and age groups. We feature minimum to more moderate levels of peeling exfoliation with minimum to no downtime. Treatments prices vary from $75.00 and up depending on type.

Chocolate Mousse peel, Lactic peels, Fruit enzymes - glycolic-fruits, Microdermabrasion and Jessner peels

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We offer hair removal service by waxing technique. Waxing is a tried and true process where a comfortable and warm wax resin is applied to the skin surface. We offer a clean atmosphere and adhere to strict State Board sanitation application and procedure. We do not "double dip" with our waxing process, and offer minimal level of discomfort. The waxing process is available for face or body. Waxing prices are $20 and up

Signature Facials

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Our Signature facial treatments address many common skin issues associated with a lot of our
clients in the world today. Teen skin, skin moisture retention, Rosacea, Men's skin concerns, menopause, hyper pigmentation, and weather exposed skin.  Many skin issues are associated with genetics, hormones, pre-disposed problems, stress, allergies and environmental concerns.
We offer several different and effective treatments to pamper yourself with along with experiencing a positive outcome and some relief with some of the above skin concerns. The treatments vary in price from $60.00 and up

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Our Specialty treatments offer some solutions similar to our Signature Facials but will take your skin to the next level. The Specialty treatments bring in more of a "results-oriented" outcome. These treatments can be combined with some of our other listed treatments for optimum benefits. With our Specialty treatments we address Acne skin issues from moderate to extreme, as Acne is one of our specialties. We have worked in conjunction with leading Acne Dermatologists in order to offer you the confidence of clearer skin.
The Layered repair treatments, Ultrasound, BuffLight photo facial, LED skin repair, DNA Frozen Cell Therapy, along with all our additional additives will allow your skin some instant results and long lasting on going effects as well.
The treatments and additives are varied and are priced from $25.00 and up.
We work with Vivant Pharmaceutical, DNA Health and Pamper Mama products.

Stiletto Pinup Cosmetics

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Our Cosmetic Artistry section has a lot to offer along with presenting a full line of cosmetic products. Stiletto Pin-Up Cosmetics are featured and have over 180 items and colors within the line designed for a whole lot of fun and excitement. We have over 30+ years in the Arts and Beauty industry ready to show you a new and enhanced transformation.

The services we offer:

One-on-one individual Make-up Lessons
Bring a friend Make-up Lessons
Special occasion
Bride and Bridal party make-up
Photography Make-overs/ Glamour /Boudoir/ Pin-Up
Stage Make-up
Costume Make-up
Event and Theme Make-up
Group Classes - short and longer term
Girls Night Out Parties
Gifts with purchase

We offer various looks from the simple and fresh, to the dramatic, to the elaborate Stage and Costume design.